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GamingTourney-The #1 Mobile Site for Cash Prize Video Game Tournaments

Headquartered in Washington, DC, GamingTourney is the exclusive mobile platform designed for today’s serious gamers looking for a fun, competitive experience that offers cash prizes. With GamingTourney, you can create a tournament, join open tournaments, or challenge a player that’s already online using the GamingTourney ChatBox. We make it easy for gamers to link up and play the tournament of their choice and win real prize money daily right from their mobile device.

Why We Are Best

Not only do we create tournaments for one of the mobile gaming world’s most popular games, we track your scores and the results of your tournaments in real time for you so when you win, you get paid. GamingTourney takes the hassle out of tournament gaming and makes it easy for video game players to make money doing what they love most. Plus, with GamingTourney, signing up is always free and anyone can play to win regardless of their skill level!

How it Works

When you sign up at GamingTourney, you will find an easy to use dashboard that enables you to create video game tournaments quickly and easily. You can even challenge other players online and get in on the Vainglory action together. With over 50 million players worldwide, Vainglory offers an exciting gaming experience with plenty of available competition.

Once you are entered into a tournament and pay your entry fee, you just need to play the game and focus on winning. GamingTourney will record all of your gaming data and payouts are automatic as well. Whoever wins the tournament wins the total amount paid in entry fees by all players.

Why Choose GamingTourney?

Why should you choose GamingTourney for your mobile gaming tournament needs? We specialize in creating apps and websites for the gaming industry so when you join a tournament on our site, you know you can trust us to provide a high quality online experience. Our main goal is to bring a new twist to mobile gaming tournaments and to become your exclusive resource for competitive gaming and cash prizes.

GamingTourney values our players and works hard to ensure their complete satisfaction. Before, during and after every tournament, we will be there to answer any questions and to provide them with the best mobile gaming experience possible.

5 More Reasons to Choose GamingTourney

As if you needed any more reasons to choose the industry leader in mobile gaming tournaments, here are 5 more!

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